Other projects

Arts & Crafts – The making of all sorts of hand crafts like purses, necklaces, dolls, and doll puppets etc. These especially the doll puppets have helped us in teachings of children through story telling where children are allowed to express themselves and have fun. This has boosted self esteem among the children and they are more eager to learn. On the side of other crafts enough effort is put in to see that this project is boosted to help sustain the organization. To do this we need joint efforts to work together and make this organization successful.

Music, Dance and Drama talented skills – The inspirational regularly teach music to the children. Both a DVD and a CD have been recorded of this choir dressed in various traditional outfits. Children express themselves through Dance, Music and Drama during their free time. We get in Volunteer teachers who teach these children on ways to handle this.

Our main focus is to help the children who are interested in Music and Dance to develop their talent at an early stage so that they are able to do what they love most in future.

To allow Children be children and take their minds off the trauma of their hard early child hood. Where most of them were abused, starved, orphaned and abandoned and through music they are able to express how they feel and let out their anger and also gain confidence