Project to develop talent for orphans

Project to develop talent for orphans

The “Talents” project has been initiated mainly to offer protection to over 100 children burdened with the social stigma of coming from families affected with HIV/AIDS and unwed mothers. The project provides a home-like environment with complete emotional and psychological support to kindle the latent talents within each child. In addition to basic education skills, emotional and psychological support through counselling is provided. This will facilitate them to develop into strong motivated individuals. Furthermore, the children are living in a family setting that makes them understand and develop family values and enables them to develop trust among one another.

Activities for Supplementary Education:

  • Values Education
  • Technical Education such as training in basic use of the computer
  • Activities for developing social skills
  • Dance and drama, to kindle their artistic talents and for improving their art appreciation skills
  • Sports activities for entertainment, exercise and development of team spirit
  • Medical and education support to poor children & HIV infected/affected children
  • Provision support for PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) New Home Project

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