Emergency Shelter, Stabilization & Assessment Program (Level II)

The Emergency Shelter Program provides crisis stabilization and assessment to male and female residents ages 03-19. The population best served in this setting are youth that require a 15-30 day placement with emergency shelter services that include health assessment abuse report and diagnosis, treatment recommendations and individualized treatment planning, behavioral support and skill instruction within a structured treatment environment, family mediation, school planning, and transition support for youth moving to another residential placement.

HOU can provide short-term residential treatment through the emergency shelter, with the option of extended shelter placement of up to 90 days depending on treatment recommendations and as deemed necessary and appropriate by the treatment team. Ongoing assessment and re-evaluation of the treatment plan is conducted as part of the short-term program.

Residential Youth Care Emergency Shelter Program Goals

  • Youth will gain increased control over impulsive behavior and appropriate anger management.
  • All emergency care placements will be provided counseling services and assistance to deal with the crisis of emergency placement.
  • Assure child is available for all scheduled court appearances and for follow up placement.
  • To provide a comprehensive assessment of the child’s behavior and treatment needs.
  • To provide coordination of medical treatment and supervision of medication delivered.
  • To maintain the youth’s education plan or develop an educational plan.
  • To participate in the post Emergency Shelter Assessment placement planning.
  • To provide five safe, temporary emergency beds for youth, who are referred by OCS, DJJ, police, state troopers, and families?
  • To reduce of eliminate the incidence of delinquent behavior.
  • To return the youth to family are or to a placement in a less restrictive environment.
  • To provide residents with daily activities designed to meet their needs for physical exercise, to assist in their socialization, and expose them to new and positive ideas.